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ALS: One Dollar Difference Colonial Players contributes portion of 33 Variations proceeds to local ALS association. Click here for details!
Colonial Players Scholarship 2017-2018 The Colonial Players offers an annual scholarship for students. Click here for details!
Sex with Strangers Auditions The Colonial Players is pleased to announce auditions for Sex with Strangers. Click here for details!
Colonial Players’ NYC Trip 2018 Colonial Players is pleased to announce our 2018 trip to New York City! Click here for details and join us!

The Colonial Players Video Gallery

Our video gallery contains promotional and informational videos about various productions that we present on our stage. They are organized by date added, below, beginning with the most recent. Each of these videos is also available on our YouTube channel.

the shape of things II

May 2011

Theater-in-the-round presents unique challenges for staging a show! In this video, the director, actors and set designer for the shape of things explain how they meet the challenges.

the shape of things

April 2011

CP's season ender the shape of things is starting to take shape! Take a peek behind the scenes as the production gets underway.

Company Moves to the Theatre

March 2011

Follow the Company cast and crew through tech week! The second Company video documents the final rehearsals, the move from the Annex into the theater, and what goes on "behind the scenes" to get the show up and running on the stage!